Tip 2: Always Check in

Generally, I started doing this with my girls from the time they could walk. When they were outside, if they wanted to go from my front yard to a neighbor’s yard, they had to come in and tell me. If they wanted to go visit a friend in their home, they had to come in and tell me. By the time they got to be teenagers (now 18 and 13) it’s a habit: they tell me where they are going. If they are with friends and are going from 1 friend’s house to another, they let me know. If they are “malling” they tell me which mall. When I was married we used to do the same. I’ld tell my wife where I was going and she would do the same. When I got there, I’ld let her know and she would do the same. Sounds over-bearing and controlling? I hope not. But when 9/11 struck, we *knew* where we were and so did the kids. The same goes for the kids. When my older daughter was rear-ended in a traffic collision, and shaken up, I knew the route she was on and knew how to get there quickly when she called. The same situation occurred when her car broke down.  By the way, don’t accept “I’ll be at the Starbucks.” I made that mistake and then found out that there were *3* Starbucks in the area and I went to the wrong one! Oops!

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