“Rape Whistles”

At a seminar I did recently someone asked me about carrying a “rape whistle” on her key chain.  I don’t think much of that idea and this is why:

1.  you are carrying the key in your hand, not the whistle so you don’t have to fumble for the key
2.  If you are attacked you have to
a) hold on to the keys,
b) change your grip on the key chain to get the whistle,
c) put the whistle to your lips and
d) Blow hard while you are scared and being grabbed, pulled or dragged.

3.  Then you have to hope someone will hear it and come to the rescue.

If you think you can do all these things while being attacked, you are a better person than I. if you have that much faith that someone will come (especially at night, in the dark, taking a risk for someone they don’t know) you have more faith in human nature than I.  Maybe that makes me cynical.  But maybe that makes me realistic.

Something more too–do you want to be someone who is dependent on others for your safety?  Or would you rather not rely on others for your safety but rely on yourself first?  I vote for the latter.

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