Rant (Sort of) Beware Security Experts Selling “Stuff”

I just heard of an interesting approach to business and personal security.  A big (actually Very Big) law firm around here brought in a security expert to advise its lawyers and the staff working there about personal security.  From what I understand, the lectures were pretty standard stuff–a lot like what you can read here and in many other places.

But there was a kicker:  the security expert was touting his firm’s self-defense spray; a supposedly extra-strong pepper spray that would disable, distract or otherwise occupy the attacker’s attention so the victim could get away.  Only one little problem:  In Washington, D.C.  that spray is illegal.  So there you are folks:  a security expert who is selling a product it is illegal to carry in the city where he is selling it, and telling people he is advising to buy and carry it.  Even more ironic:  he’s doing this to a bunch of lawyer and paralegals and legal secretaries, and other legal support staff.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotta wonder about this guy.

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