Do Not Ignore Security

I just came from a 2 day conference sponsored by the ABA Law Practice Management in Washington D.C.  While I was there I noticed that they had some books for sale and I went over to take a look.  I was interested in 2 of them:  the “Complete Guide to Designing Your Law Office” and and “Law Office Policy and Procedures”.  I was very disappointed to say the least.

The “Complete Guide” has over 300 pages of which less than 4 pages relate, in any way, to security or protecting yourself and your staff.  Nowhere is there any discussion of designing to deal with unruly clients or other problems.  They spent more time talking about earthquakes, fires and floods than security.  The second book, the “Policy and Procedures Manual” was even worse, if possible.  It had only 3 paragraphs. That’s it–no more.

With  all the problems lawyers and judges have had in recent years, I do not understand why so little attention is paid to this issue.  I feel the ABA and other professional organizations should step up and at least give good advice.

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