Rant ON!

OK.  I’m just sick and tired of listening to various pundits, medicos and general apologists for Maj. Hasan Nidal and hs so-called PRE-traumatic stress disorder.  WTF?  Sorry about the language but to argue that this guy suffered before anything ever happened to him makes fools of the psychiatry profession, demeans our soldiers who actually have PTSD and gives hopes to every malingering SOB out there.  Would you people get a grip?

I don’t know what motivated him to do what he did.  Rumors are flying.  But if he actually did cry out to God before pulling his pistols and firing, HE injected his religion into this issue.  Not me, not the Army, and not some weird wack-job bigot.  So for Pete’s sake, use some common sense–not that you even have it.

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