Another RANT ON!

It’s Veteran’s Day, 2009.  A day precious to me. A day to remember lost friends and absent companions.  So I like to go to synagogue & say a prayer for the dead.  I’m Jewish.  It takes a minyan (10 adults over the age of 13).  Now my synagogue for some reason doesn’t regularly schedule this on Veteran’s Day.  But every year I ask them to.  You’d think they’d learn.  NOPE.

I could call them in September & ask them to schedule it and they would be happy to accommodate me.  Note that this doesn’t mean I could get 10 adults there.  Just that they’d schedule it.  But that’s another rant for another day.

Anyway, sort of a consolation prize I was asked to talk to the Religious School kids for 2-3 minutes tonight.  I can’t decide.  What can I possibly say in 2-3 minutes max that will explain to these kids, ages 10-13, why this is important, why they should be respectful and grateful.  Keep in mind that their parents care so little that there is no organized Veterans’ Day activity.  I have absolutely no idea what I could possibly say that would mean something to them.  Worse, if I do go, doesn’t that make me complicit in saying that the synagogue is doing enough?

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