Law Enforcement Interviews

If you get a call saying that a law enforcement officer (or attorney) wants to talk with you, call an attorney right now.  Don’t say another word.  If you doubt the wisdom, go to you tube and watch this:

In my experience, investigators NEVER invite you in telling you that you are in trouble, or are suspect, it is ALWAYS to ‘clear up’ something.

Investigators rely on the good will of people, intimidation, and social expectations to wrestle people into hanging themselves.  Don’t do their jobs for them.  And don’t deliver your client to them.  If you think that you are a match for their psychobabble, I assure you that it is likely that even YOU as an attorney are no match for them one on one. The worst part is that often they aren’t so concerned about finding out the truth or finding justice in a matter, as they are concerned with making a charge stick long enough to get a plea or go to trial.  And with the feds, I promise you, with ten thousand felonies, how do you avoid them all?  A large percentage of the population has committed felonies they don’t even know about.

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