Jury Duty – Part 3

3.  What are the lawyers looking for? 

  • “Impartial,” “disinterested” and “uninterested” are words the selection process uses.  They are not synonyms however.  So what do these words mean in the legal context?*Impartial: not prejudiced towards or against any particular side or party; fair; unbiased.
  • Disinterested: free from bias or partiality; objective.
  • Uninterested: Not interested, not curious, not concerned, uncaring.

If you are impartial and can decide on the facts (just the facts, ma’am) of the case, both sides and the judge want and need you on that jury.

If you are disinterested you might be a swayed either way depending on who might be the most powerful juror in the jury room.  And, being swayed, you might decide the case on factors that have nothing to do with the facts in the case.

If you are uninterested, you may or may not be willing to use the essential skills all jurors must have. I don’t want you on the jury because you just don’t care.

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