Jury Duty – Part 1

I love juries.  I have great faith in the basic good sense of my fellow citizens. They are the bulwark of U.S. justice and our democracy.  It is not too far-fetched to argue that without juries to put a check on governmental over-reaching we would not be free.  But I’ve noticed that people hate jury duty.  I wish that weren’t so.  In the next few blog posts I’m going to try and explain what’s going on and why.

1. When you get a jury notice please show up.

When you get the jury notice, go to the court and get into the jury room.  We need you.  Even if you are busy.  Maybe especially if you are busy.  Without you, juries would not represent us.  Do you really want juries made up only of those people who have the leisure and inclination to show up? Do you want our system of justice to resemble a reality TV show?  Of course not.  So show up.

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