It’s Stuff Like This That Gives Lawyers A Bad Name

A lawyer friend of mine who represents consumers sued a bill collector on behalf of a client and won including fines, penalties and attorneys fees. To stop my friend from collecting, the collector then sues my friend.  Separately, the collector went after another person who hires my friend to sue them.  He does.  Now my friend got a letter from the collector offering to drop the lawsuit against my friend if my friend will drop his client’s case.

WHAT?  This bill collector, through his attorney, is suggesting that my friend betray his client.  That’s immoral.  It’s also unethical.  And it’s illegal.  It could easily be called extortion.  I know my friend has reported this to the authorities.  They are investigating.  I don’t know how this one will end, but I certainly hope that the local authorities slam both the bill collector and his attorney for this nonsense.

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