Do you feel like a Sherpa?

If so, you are not alone.  Today’s Washington Post Style Section has a big article about how much many of us carry around with us.  (Wish I could figure out how to past the link here.) One woman is described this way:  “In her left hand she carries a black Lancome sack containing lots of file folders packed with papers, and, for some reason, an empty plastic bag. In her right hand: a pink Lancome sack holding more file folders, a notebook, a tennis ball, contact lens paraphernalia and a bag of Jolly Ranchers. Over her left shoulder, she carries a long-strapped purse that rests on her right hip. And also on her left shoulder, a Dunlop tennis racket in its black case that hangs by her left side.”  Dear God In Heaven.  If she slips she’ll be crushed to death.  And if something bad happens, she’s a walking target.  I don’t want to beat this subject to death, but readers might like to see my earlier posts and rants on this very subject.

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