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Greg Broiles makes a very good comment in his response to my last post.  It is true that many people live where it is difficult or impossible to get a concealed carry permit.  My post was for people who *can* get the permit.  Many lawyers and others who face real, credible, threats can get the permit even if they live in states which are not “shall issue” states.  What I was trying to say is that, if you *can* get a permit, you *should* get it.

I would never advocate breaking the law, but I do understand the conflict people feel between carrying a handgun illegally and the urgent desire to protect yourself and your loved ones.  In the end, each person must decide for themselves how to resolve this conflict.  But, I would suggest, *telling* all and sundry what your decision is should be avoided.  No matter what you decide, revealing the answer publicly leads to too much trouble.

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