cold weather safety kit

With this post and any comments you, my faithful readers add, I hope to help people create a list of things to carry in their car during winter travel.  Let’s start:

1.  Space blanket
2.  high energy foods
3.  Cell phone with car charger
4.  keep your gas tank at least 1/2 full
5.  kitty litter or sand
6.  50 lbs. of sand or other weights in back for extra stability
7.  shovel
8.  extra windshield cleaner fluid (keeps ice of windshield)
9.  hat and gloves
10.  chemical hand warmers
11.  large plastic garbage bags (to use as rain wear or for extra warmth)
12.  if you habitually wear light shoes and socks put heavy boots and wool socks in the trunk
13.  water bottle
14.  flashlight
15.  Jumper cables
16.  Towing rope or cable
What else should you carry in the car?

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