Shopping tip–put receipts with the presents

Last year I ran into a new cop trick.  At the random stops we see so much of this year, they will pull some people out of line and ask to search the car.  Now, you don’t have to permit this, but most people do reasoning that there is no reason to object and that if they do the cops will only be difficult, hold you there, try to get a search warrant etc.  So you let them search the car.

But you’ve been shopping and have the presents stored in your car.  But not the receipts–those are at home or in your wallet or something.  So now the cops charge you with stealing/shoplifting the presents you bought.  Fun Christmas right?  Thanks guys.  They seem to be doing this a lot to younger people like college kids etc. (or at least these are the ones who store presents in their cars).

To avoid this problem, keep your receipts stored with the presents if you are carrying the presents in your car.

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