Can you fire your attorney?

The answer to this is yes.  Unconditionally.  It’s one of the few times it’s absolutely unconditional.  You can always fire your attorney. But you may need to pay them to get all or part of your file.  That’s called a “lien” on the client file.  It’s entirely too complicated to explain in a blog post, but each state (and the ABA) has a different rule about exactly what the client can get from the attorney if they fire the attorney and what the attorney can hold on to until they are paid .  It can also depend on what has already been provided to the client.  In every case, however, the lawyer is entitled to keep a copy of the file for her records.

What do we do here at Kaufman Law Group?  The client gets a copy of every letter and document that we receive or send.  That way our clients are fully informed of the progress of the case and what we are doing for them.  It also helps us avoid errors and confusion.

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