Abuse of Power

God knows I respect and value the good police.  They do an invaluable job.  But there are the occasional problems. And then the Blue Wall arrives.  For example, in Maryland a cop arrested a man and charged him with attacking a police officer.  But then, this video showed up.  So the local attorneys dismissed the case and started a review of the cop’s actions.  OK.  No problem.  That’s the way the system works.  But read this article about the review.  Instead of asking questions and cleaning their own house, the local union and police are making statements that are clearly wrong.

Bottom line:  when a cop stops you and you assert your rights, they will punish you.  Ask what you are charged with and they will punish you. Ask if you are under arrest and they will punish you.  Not every cop, not even every department. But enough of them.  And the good ones will not stop the others.  Too bad.

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