Brawls in Court

CNN has an interesting video clip on its website.  At a hearing arraigning an accused murderer, he apparently smiled in a way that some in the audience didn’t like. So a brawl erupted.  Now the film is revealing for many things but let me mention a few:

1) There appeared to be no functioning gate or barrier separating the well of the court from the audience:  a wide, open, space, not gated, in the Bar and the Bar itself very low.  If the Bar had been higher and a gateway there the crowd couldn’t have joined in so effectively or quickly.  The Bar only has to be raised about 6 inches so it’s not very costly

2) Where were the courtroom baliffs?

3)  The defense lawyer hid under the table while the Judge shrieked.  But the prosecutor waded in and pulled people off the accused.  Watch how she did it too.  She’s not in the middle of things–she’s pulling people out from behind and pushing them away so she won’t get hit.

Bottom line:  learn from this lawyers.  And maybe redesign the courtrooms for safety.

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