“Rape Whistles” (cont. from Oct. 30)

Back in October I posted about why I’m not a fan of “rape whistles”.  Someone pointed out to me that you don’t have to carry the whistle on your key chain.  You could carry it on a necklace or bracelet for example.  Well, you still have the problem of getting the whistle to your lips and having the ability to blow the whistle while being threatened or attacked.  Carrying the whistle on a necklace wouldn’t work for me.  In cold weather it would be under your coat so you couldn’t get it.  In warm weather it would be accessible, but you still would have to get it into your hand, etc. etc.

I suppose you could carry the whistle on a bracelet/in your hand as you walked the street but then you would have 1 hand for your purse and/or briefcase, one hand to open doors  etc. and 1 hand for the whistle.  Exactly how many free hands do you have?  OK. Wear the whistle on your wrist as a bracelet.  That solves part of the problem.  How are you going to solve the other problems?  I don’t have a solution.

Don’t get me wrong though:  A rape whistle is better than nothing but I don’t think much of them.

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