Check your “6”

If you work in public space or are walking down the street your most vulnerable side is your back.   If you were in the center of a clock, straight ahead would be “12”, your right side would be “3”, your left side would be “9” and behind you would be “6”.   “6” is the only direction you cannot see.  Your other senses work best from “8” to “4”.  The “5”, “6”  and “7” directions are your most vulnerable.  So, knowing that, you should pay the most attention to threats coming at your from those directions.

How?  Well, dont’ sit with your back to the door.  Sit facing the door or with face the door at an angle, or with 1 side towards the door.  When you are walking down the street, be aware of the “5”, “6” and “7” directions.  When you walk past a dark alley, listen for things approaching you.  When you are in a parking lot, listen for footsteps.

A long-time friend of mine was badly injured when he forgot these things several years ago.  He was walking down the street and walked past some kids about 13 years old playing baseball.  Suddenly he was hit from behind by a bat and they took his wallet, his watch and everything.  He was in the hospital for a long time and when he got out he told me that he had heard the footsteps running up behind him but didn’t worry because “they were just kids”.  Pfui!  Be aware, be alert, and be prepared.  If you are not sure what you are hearing–check.  If my friend had checked and looked, he might have been able to get a hand up and protect his head.  He still would have been mugged, but he wouldn’t have been hurt so bad.

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