Front Door Peep holes

I saw an old friend of mine last week.  I knew him in college, over 35 years ago.  He’s a lawyer too.  He does a lot of wills, trusts and estates work, helping families protect and preserve assets over generations.  A kind, gentle man who is not the least quarrelsome.  (I’m not going to use his name for reasons that will become obvious.)   Earlier this year, just when all the judges and lawyers were being attacked, he was in the news. One night, late, a man my friend knew, came to the door of his house.  My friend knew this man and also knew this man was upset because my friend was challenging this man’s right to manage the funds of an old lady.  The man was dressed in black and had friends with him.  When my friend opened the door they pushed their way into the house, terrorized his wife and kidnapped my friend.

This story has a happy ending–my friend is alive and unhurt.  His family is fine and the man and his friends were prosecuted and convicted and are in jail.  But …  things might not have ended so well.

So, make sure your doors have a peep hole you can see through. If it doesn’t, have one installed or do it yourself.  All it takes a a 3/4″ drill bit (and, of course, a drill) and a peephole from Home Depot or another hardware store.  And be sure you install it at eye level.  Many installed peepholes are set correctly for people who are 6′ tall.  But if you are shorter (like a small woman) you cannot see out of it.  If that is the case, install another one.

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