Another Confict and a Suggestion

Here’s another conflict over what the police suggest you do and how to resolve it:  The conflict is simple:  You are in your car (usually, but not always, at night) and are being followed by another car.  Suddenly the other car turns on its “bubble gum machine” and signals you to pull over.  But you are worried that it may not actually be a police officer.  The police want you to pull over immediately and if you don’t they could (and frequently do) charge you with trying to evade a police officer.  But they also tell you that, in case of doubt, you should drive to a well-lit area or to a police station for help.

I suggest you call 911 (using your pre-programmed cell phone) and tell the operator what is going on, ask them to contact the officer following you, and get reassurances.  It seems to me that this could solve the conflict–but you never know for sure.

If anyone has better ideas on how to resolve this conflict, please let me know.

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