This is the season for pickpockets according to the Washington Post and various other papers.  I won’t bother giving you the links to the stories, you can find them yourself if you google today’s date, the WP and “pickpocket”.  But they give various tips to avoid losing your wallet and IDs.  For men the suggestion is to use an inner jacket pocket to carry the wallet; for women the suggestion is to keep the purse close to the body.  OK, fine.  If you are wearing a jacket etc. etc.  But if not, think about using a tummy pack with a zipper closure. The things are ugly and out of style, but they do work.  Another thing you can do (if you are wearing pants and a belt, is to tuck the wallet over your pants and under the belt.

BTW, you can expect more and more stories about pickpockets because of the damage they can do.  It’s no longer just the money and credit cards they get away with–now they can steal your entire indentity!  So be careful.

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