Zimmerman acquitted

Well, here’s another post about the Zimmerman trial for martial artists.

Question:  If Zimmerman had not had a weapon, would he have followed Martin?  Dunno.

Question:  If Zimmernan had not had a weapon, would he have gotten out of the truck? Dunno.

Question:  If Zimmernan had not had a weapon, what would he have done when he started losing the fight?  Dunno.

But Zimmerman did have a weapon. And he used it.

What’s the moral of the story?  Don’t let having a weapon induce you into doing something you wouldn’t do otherwise.  Weapons can give you a false sense of confidence.  The knowledge that you have a weapon can lead you to do things you wouldn’t do otherwise.  This is dumb beyond belief.  Having a weapon is to protect yourself, not to let you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do.

What would have happened if the prosecution had argued that, because Zimmerman was armed, he was unduly aggressive in following Martin and getting out of the truck?  And that that undue aggression, fueled by the weapon was what led to the confrontation and to the shooting?  Dunno again.

Martial artists beware.  Don’t let your knowledge of martial arts make you unduly aggressive.  And, if you start to win a fight, be sure that the other guy doesn’t panic and kill you because HE has a weapon and is unduly aggressive.

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