Why Do I Love Facebook? Let Me Count the Ways…

I. Do you know someone? Check Facebook.

II. Where were you? Check Facebook.

III. What were you doing? Check Facebook.

IV. Were you bullied or being a bully? Check Facebook.

V. How much do you make? Check Facebook

VI. Where do you shop? Check Facebook

VII. What “toys” do you have? Check Facebook

VIII. What is your health? Check Facebook

IX. Were you injured? Check Facebook

X. Are you litigation happy? Check Facebook

XI. Do you use drugs or alcohol? Check Facebook

XII. Do you have an opinion about ***? Check Facebook.

It’s absolutely amazing what a wonderful free investigative tool Facebook is. Keep in mind, if you are on Facebook the other side is watching you all the way.

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One Response to Why Do I Love Facebook? Let Me Count the Ways…

  1. It’s amazing to me how many people will post the most sensitive information on Facebook. People have this false sense of security since they are sitting in their homes a posting. It is also important to be aware that, every time Facebook changes their platform (which is often), you need to check your security settings. You may have had tight security settings in the past, but they could be wholly different now. If you are on Facebook, it is important to regularly review your control settings to limit who can see your posts.