What should you bring to court?

Your lawyer should always give you a piece of paper (or email) telling you the Court you will appear in and its address, the Date and time of your hearing, the time you should be there to meet your lawyer, the Courtroom No., the name of the Judge (if known), the name of the case (usually something like ABC Corp. vs. XYZ LLC), and, if you need them, Directions to get to Court. Bring this paper with you.

You should also bring to the courthouse, a photo ID, the Subpoena (if you have one). Be aware that many Courts have a problem with you bringing a cell phone with a camera into the Courthouse. Some do not have a place to check your cell at the door. You may wish to leave your cell phone in the car. If you do bring your phone into the Courthouse, make sure to turn off the ringer when you enter the building. Judges have been known to confiscate the phones if they go off in the courtroom.

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