Watch what you shoot at!

Today I read about VP Cheney’s hunting trip.  Apparently he shot a companion in the head and chest with his shotgun.  Fortunately, the companion is expected to live.  But let’s think about this a minute.  Our VP is surrounded by Secret Service men and women, all trained pistoleros, who are trusted to be with the VP 24/7.  Including while he’s hunting.  I wonder who trained the VP?  The first rule of hunting is to *LOOK* at what you shoot and not to shoot if there is a problem.  From what I read, our VP shot on reflex–he heard the birds, spun and shot.  O Boy!  Not good.  You are supposed to know where your companions are at all times.  You are supposed to have in your head “no fire” directions so you *KNOW* that you cannot fire in certain directions because that’s where your companions are placed.  OOPS!

But now let’s talk about his hunting companion for a minute.  Apparently he was about 30 yards away.  That’s getting close to a shotgun.  Me, I would be careful with my companions if I were approaching them & they had a loaded weapon in their hand.  I might make sure they knew where I was at all times.  I might do other things too, especially if I were with a person who shoots quickly.

The moral:  doing dumb things can hurt other people when you have a firearm around.  Get the training I talked about earlier.  And don’t forget it!  Ever.

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