Tip 5: Hand Signals

Have you ever had the experience of being trapped by a bore at a party? Or maybe, if you go dancing alone, find yourself stuck with an unwanted partner? Or needed to communicate that you were having a problem without making a scene? Or wanted to check on your children without embarrassing them? Try pre-arranged hand signs or signals. It doesn’t matter what they are as long as they cannot be mistaken for something else: An open hand, fingers splayed wide, could be “come talk to me”; 2 fingers pointed to the side could ask “Are you OK?” etc. Again, your imagination is the only limit.

When my girls were little we had over 20 different signs so we could talk at a distance without embarrassment. And we practiced them over and over. It was a game, one they enjoyed. Because we had our private language. They even enjoyed creating new signs and confounding Dad. But when we needed it, when they were worried about something on the playground, they could signal me. My ex-wife and I also knew and used the signals. Try it. It’s fun, the kids will love it, and one day you may need it.

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