Security Or Locking The Barn Door After The Horse Has Escaped

Technology. Love it or hate it, we depend on it daily. Cell phones, computers, laptops, and now those insidious devices known as the i-Pad, i-phone or even the android. Sure, they help us keep in touch. They also make us moving targets whenever we use them on the bus, subway or anywhere another person can scoop them up and run. No matter that almost every city now has laws on the books to make these sorts of crimes tougher on the criminals involved, what is lost remains lost. The heck with replacing the high tech object, the real cost is the data. How do you make sure your data on whatever device the employee had is unbreached?

That is the question for you and your cyber-protection provider to consider before you let another employee go out the door with a portable device. Ask your cyber guys if cloud security is your best bet for keeping your data safe.

P.T. Barnum’s sign “See the Egress” got many of the gawkers out of Barnum’s museum so he could get more paying people in. So when you design your training program to protect your company software and data, keep in mind that employees are a lot like those gawkers. If you pitch the program for their home data first and add in the company alongside it, your employees are more likely to show up, learn and put the practices you want them to use in place.

So go ahead, invite everyone in the company to participate in these programs. They will thank you for taking the time to help them protect themselves never realizing that as they protect themselves, they will be protecting your firm.

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