Sartorial Splendor, or what to wear to court

Decisions, decisions. Do I wear high heels and look taller? Or do I wear bright colored clothes to force folks to look down at that bright patch below their nose. I make those decisions every day.  But when I go to court and particularly if I go into a courtroom, I need to be sure the clothes I wear are appropriate. For me, at least, appropriate is a jacket, skirt or pants, and a white shirt with a splash of color around the neck. And flat shoes are a must so I can slip and slide around the crowds on days when the whole world seems to be at the courthouse.

Mom was right, first impressions do matter. When choosing your outfit, think of what your fussy old-fashioned grandmother would make you wear to church. You don’t have to go out to buy a new outfit. You just have to be dressed in clothes are cared for, clean, pressed and put together properly. This advice goes for whether you are a casual ambler at the courthouse or whether you are involved in a case itself. It even applies to jury duty. So plan ahead the night before you go so that you can touch up collars and shine shoes and pick out hats or ties.

And remember, smiling is the best outfit you can ever have. Smiling encourages your friends and confuses your enemies. Confusing enemies is always a good strategy.

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