Peer Group Pressure and Kids

Isn’t social media great?! We can stay in touch on Facebook, by Twitter or phone texting. We can get immediate input for any problems we tell each other. It is great! Or is it? Not everyone on Facebook, Twitter or phone texting has that experience. Sometimes jealous or vindictive people use social media as weapons to bully you (or yours). Teenagers seem to do this a lot, but sometimes adults get involved too. So I thought I’d share a few thoughts.

  • As a parent, expect your child to be vulnerable to attack. Here is a limited list of what kinds of attacks to expect. Physical, Mental – exclusion from groups, Social Media – by phone call, text message or Facebook slams.
  • And, as a parent, you may wonder why your kid? Well, for no reason at all. Or maybe it’s because your kid is swimming in a pool of different social groups at school. Your kid is (or is not) a member of a socially sanctioned group. (Sanctioned by peers anyway.)

As parents, we all want to punch the bully for hurting our kid. If you are not as aggressive as I am, then at least you want to haul her/him to the authorities. If the bullying incident is on school grounds then the school automatically gets involved. And, hopefully, the bully will be disciplined. (Probably not but you can hope.)

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