My Trip To Court On Valentines’ Day

Sometimes when I go to court, the experience can feel like I have just entered a rerun of an episode of “Sex in the City.”

Take my trip to Court on Valentines’ Day.

I was standing in the line waiting to get up to the clerk’s window to ask for a certified copy of a key document in a case for my attorney. Also in the line was a young female attorney who was dressed in the usual “power suit” court attire and another woman dressed casually, as was I.

The young female attorney was moaning about texting manners. Apparently a colleague had flirted and she’d flirted back. And he was married!! What should she do?

The other woman and I in the Clerk’s waiting room suggested that the next time she texts him she should cite the “Twinkie Defense” which she could reframe as the Valentine’s Day Defense. Namely, that she had responded to his first in the spirit of the day and that she sincerely hoped he hadn’t taken her seriously. Blame it all on being high on Valentines’ Day spirit. (The “Twinkie Defense” was asserted in San Francisco, when a defendant attempted to plead that he was high on Twinkies when he shot up City Hall and killed the mayor.)

She thought our suggestion was a good idea and whipped out her Blackberry to convey her regrets of the day. Huge sighs of relief all around.

Then my own paperwork appeared and I left full of wonder about how life goes on at Court.

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