“Just Shut Up And Take it?” No Way.

I’ve written several times about how to deal with the police. I’ve raised the issue and flogged it until I’m hoarse. But I want to thank Sunil Dutta who wrote the Opinion in Sunday’s Washington Post. He makes my points clear: “Don’t even think about challenging me. Just do what I tell you or I’m gonna hurt you” is his message. Crap! Total garbage. Wrong! Just do what I tell you? O yeah.

What about “open the door & let me in”? No. Got a search warrant? O, really, you wanna get hurt? Open the door! Are you defying me? No I just want my rights.

What about: You don’t mind if I look in your briefcase/purse/wallet/ do you? Yes I do. Get a search warrant and I’ll cooperate. Got one? Then goodbye.

Stop! You! O officer? Are you talking to me? Yeah. What are you doing? I’m walking. Where are you going? Officer I want to leave now. Am I under arrest? Are you defying me? Are you challenging me? Do you want me to hurt you.

Nuts. Officer Dutta is a wonderful example of what’s wrong with the police. Know your rights. Stand up for them. You don’t have to curse or scream but you don’t have to do what he tells you to do either. Just go on your way.

By the way, nothing can stop cops who will beat on you and then charge you with destruction of public property for bleeding on their car or uniform. But you sure don’t have to help them by being sheep.

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