If shooting starts

Well, after yesterday’s shooting I went back and found a pretty good article Slate reissued yest6rday.  It sets out some things you can do if you happen to get caught in a shooting.  I don’t agree with a couple of it’s comments–mainly that heavy furniture will offer protection.  Having seen the penetrating power of 357 magnums and other handguns, as well as the power of deer rifles and other firearms, I don’t believe that heavy furniture offers much (if any) help.  Still, I suppose it’s better than nothing.

The article’s comments about how hard it is to hit a running person at 40 feet is correct, with one caveat:  don’t run straight away from the shooter.  Because then you look like you are standing still.  Run at an angle or zig zag.

Anyway, I hope you never need to know this stuff but, if you do need it, I sure hope you remember it.

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