Identity theft

I saw this on a list serve I use a lot and liked it.  The issue was one of identity theft since someone discovered that another person was using their name and credit.  Anyway, Michael T. Spadea (who I don’t know at all) wrote good advice & I hope he doesn’t mind my repeating it.  Anyway,   If you suspect (or know) your identity is compromised Michael suggests that you should:

1.  Review the materials on ID theft on the FTC website,

2.  File a police report,

3.  Notify all current institutions in which you hold accounts,

4.  Notify all the credit bureaus and request a fraud alert (renew this every
six months),

5.  Order a credit report from each of the credit bureaus and see what other
accounts are open (if any) and see if you (they) are delinquent (other
accounts can effect your credit score)

I think this is good advice if you have this problem.

Note:  it is a lot easier to request the fraud alert before a problem arises (if you suspect one may be on the way) than to correct a problem after you have been taken for a ride.

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