How Can You Deal With An Attorney Who Has Neither Fax Nor Email? And What Impact Will That Have On Your Case?

Alternatively, how do you deal with lawyers like the one who has a fax but refuses to accept any fax longer than 10 pages or refuses to communicate at all via e-mail.

For some attorneys, usually but not always, older lawyers, this is normal.  For others, it is a way to upset you and (they hope) distract you. For the clients, this will slow down the case and possibly increase costs.  But in some states (like Maryland and Virginia) you must mail as well as fax (or email) the other lawyer for it to be effective.  Please don’t ask me why.  It appears to be some sort of hang-over from before.  Still, the solution is what is called the “mailbox rule.”  Send stuff by snail mail on the day it’s due and let the other lawyer worry about getting short notice because it took three days to get to him. Just keep a log of everything you send and on what day. Then every time he does the same to you, routinely request an extension. Or, Fed Ex it and insist that he do the same.

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