Get Behind them

It’s graduation time.  And summer time.  And time for all the tired, drunk, impaired drivers to be out on the roads more.  So, what do you do if you see one of these coming up on you?  Or you come up on them? And they are speeding/weaving/giving signs of being impaired?

Most people try to get around them quickly and go past them.  OK.  But then they are behind you and you have no idea what they are doing, if they have decided to speed up on you and follow you or anything.  Because they are behind you *they* control the situation.  So …  try getting behind them and making sure they have all the room they need to be silly.  Then you can see what *they* are doing and drive defensively to avoid any problems they create.

This doesn’t work all the  time, but it does help.

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