flip flops or daughter learns a lesson

God I hate flip flops.  I’ve written about this before but … .

So my older girl goes to a concert over the weekend.  And some stranger throws a beer on her while daughter is sitting in the car.  [apparently the strange girl was aiming at a guy standing near my daughter–makes you wonder doesn’t it?]  Anyway, the stranger would not apologize, flipped daughter off and then took a swing at her.  When the dust cleared (about 2 seconds later) strange girl is down with a bloody & (possibly) broken nose and then she runs away.  A little later the girl comes back again for more.  This time she drags my daughter to the ground and promptly gets kicked in the face for her trouble (several times).  This time she gets knocked down and stays down.

So daughter has cuts and bruises on her back and knees from the gravel on the ground and on her feet from the girl’s teeth.  I guess the girl is lucky my daughter was wearing flip flops but daughter needed a tetanus shot.  Now, though, she knows why Dear Old Dad wears shoes and pants.  Lesson learned?  Maybe.  How about you?

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