Fine Dining or Eating at Court

Folks who go to courthouses often have lots of time to wait while attorneys need to talk. While you are waiting, head downstairs to the basement. Believe it or not, basements are where you can find courthouse cafeterias.

I learned all I know about fine dining at courthouses from my dad. He was a lawyer in a small town. He took me to several different places. I preferred the courthouse cafeteria and he would take me there. But, if he was alone, he always preferred the restaurant nearby that offered pickled pigs’ feet. Shudder.

Times have changed but I still prefer courthouse cafeterias. The Fairfax County Courthouse has a really good cafeteria with a great staff.  Everything there is clean and neat. The servers are polite, the food is inexpensive and good. The Courthouse even has a coffee shop just for fact ferrets like me.

But if you have the time, you can always go to local restaurants that live cheek-by-jowl with the courthouse. Google the terms “courthouse” and “restaurants” and you are bound to find just what you are craving.

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