Drop Everything

We always tell our children to run away from strangers who approach them.  We always tell our children to run towards help.  Then we give our children backpacks to put their school books, CDs, phones, calculators, etc. And then we tell our children how important it is that they not lose their backpacks with all this expensive stuff in it.  And we stress how important it is not to lose the backpacks and all the stuff in them.

So how would you like to talk to your child after they were attacked and ask them “Why didn’t you run away?” and have them tell you “I couldn’t, I didn’t want to lose my backpack.  You told me not to lose my backpack, that you would punish me if I lost it.”  Do you *really* want to feel that guilt?  Do you *really* want to look at your child and know that you gave her *conflicting* instructions?  Tell you kids:  Drop the pack if you have to, it’s *not* that important.  Tell your kids to Drop the Pack and Run!

By the way, this is good advice for all of us.  If you can do it, Drop Everything and Run.  Let go of the purse.  Let go of the computer.  Whatever you are carrying (unless you are carrying your child), it’s just *not* that important.  Drop It!  Then Run to help.

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