Don’t send me these kind of emails

Please don’t send me emails saying “be more aggressive,” “fight harder,” “whose lawyer are you?,” or “whose side are you on?”.

I understand that litigation is not something anyone but another trial lawyer enjoys.  Many lawyers who don’t do trials don’t fully appreciate the process.  So non-lawyers can certainly get confused and irritated by the delays and compromises.  So it seems to me that emails like the ones I listed above are not really about me and who I represent, they are about the fact that you, the client, are feeling uninformed, confused and frustrated.  So call me and make an appointment.

When you come to the appointment bring a list of things to talk about.  Put on the list

• what you are feeling and why,

• what you are worried about and why, and

• what I’m doing that has you concerned and why.

Please be as specific as you can be.  I’ll listen.  I promise.  Then we can discuss each and every one of your concerns.  I’ll explain. I tell you why I’m doing things.  I’ll try to show you why what I’m doing is in your best interest.  Then we’ll discuss some more.

Maybe I misunderstood your goals.  Maybe your goals have changed.  Maybe I assumed something I shouldn’t have.  These things happen and these meetings are necessary to stay on course as a team. Regardless, if you have issues I need to know about them.  Otherwise how can I properly represent you?  The answer is obvious: I cannot.

So let’s meet and talk.  Eventually we will reach agreement on what to do next.

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