This isn’t exactly one of my normal posts but something happened yesterday that I want to talk about.  I was walking my dog in the park when we came up to a young lady and her dog.  She pulled off to the side & pulled her dog with her.  But instead of sitting or standing, the dog crouched down, facing us, ears cocked.  Something about the dog’s posture bothered me but I wasn’t sure what.  The young lady seemed friendly enough so we went past with Jr on heel.  But I kept watching the dog. Suddenly it exploded out of the crouch in an attack.

Fortunately the dog couldn’t reach us.  The young lady pulled the dog back on its harness (no collar or head control) and we went on.  No harm.  That’s when I saw that the dog was a pit bull.

But what if I hadn’t noticed that the dog was crouching in an attack posture?  What if we had been closer?  So the moral of the story is to watch carefully when approaching others.  Not just dogs, people too.  Check their posture.  Are they “crouching” or merely “lying down”?  Can you tell the difference?  Just something to think about.

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