Do it already

There was a recent controversy on a website I visit regularly about whether or not the attorney who prepared the will has to be there when it is signed.  Generally we agreed:  the lawyer does not have to be there but it’s a darn good idea to have her there. Why?  Because in many states (Florida is a good example as is Virginia) there are specific things which must be done or the will may be invalid.  If the attorney who prepared the will is there, you know it will be done right. So why not do it that way?  Apparently some people are penny-wise and pound-foolish.  They want to save a little money but are risking that all their plans go for naught and the State determines who gets what and how much tax they have to pay.  Wouldn’t you rather have your decisions implemented?  Or would you rather take your chances?

Since we break wills and fight over inheritances for our clients, guess which one I like?

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