Copying, Scanning and Faxing Costs

Amazing, truly amazing.  Many firms charge for in house copying and scanning.  I don’t.  Why not?  Because it’s part of my cost of doing business.  I don’t charge for electricity so I don’t charge for copying costs.  But I’m seeing many firms charging up to $0.50/page for copying and scanning in house.  I’ve even seen fax charges of over $1.00/page.  Frankly, I don’t understand why they do it except that their clients let them get away with it.  It just seems to me that firms that do this are nickel-and-diming their clients.  I won’t do that.

I do charge for big jobs that I have to take to Kinko’s. Why?  Because if the job is that big and it’s out-of-pocket charges, then the client should pay.  But I don’t add on a mark-up to the charge.  It’s just the charge itself.

For me, it’s all part of the service and making my clients happy.

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