Yes, Kaufman Law does do consultations before being hired.  In fact, we require these consultations to be sure that a) your legal problem is a problem that we are interested in and competent to handle and b) that we can work together as a team to resolve your legal problem.  Generally these consultations are 60-90 minutes long but sometimes are longer.  But, these consultations are not free.  Instead, there is a fixed fee charged for the consultation, one which is significantly less than Kaufman’s hourly rate.  If you decide not to go forward with Kaufman Law, that is all you will have to pay.  If you do decide to hire Kaufman Law, you will receive a credit on your first invoice equal to the consultation charge, rendering the consultation “free.”

One thing more to note:  when you make an appointment we will ask you for your credit card.  If you do not appear for your appointment and do not cancel it, you will be charged the full consultation fee.  If you cancel the appointment more than 48 hours in advance, there will be no charge at all.  If you cancel with more than 24, but less than 48, hours notice, you will be charged half the consultation fee.  Any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will be treated as if you failed to cancel and you will be charged the full consultation fee.  We regret having to do this but recently there have been many inquiries and appointments made with the potential client simply not appearing.  This behavior costs Kaufman Law and its clients because preparing for a meeting with a potential new client takes time-time which could be better used taking care of our existing clients.

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