Backup, backup and backup some more

I was reading an article on CNN about what to do to protect yourself in an emergency.  It was interesting.  Most, if not all the tips were ones I’ve made here, but I was reminded of something:  backups are great, not just for the computer.  Put your emergency contact information into your cell phone under “I C E” and put it in your wallet.  Do the same with your list of medications.  Put ICE information in the glove box of the car or in your briefcase.  Do the same with your medical information.

It’s not just computers that can fail.  If you get badly hurt in an auto accident or attack, your protectors will need this information.

PS:  Somebody came up with an possible improvement on the “ICE” number–they suggest AA ICE to keep the listing at the head of the page. What do you think?  Maybe put it both places?

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