Angry, Angrier, Angriest

Just a general comment, not a tip here.  The more I read about politics, the more I realize that the Secret Service has its hands full.  In fact, according to some widely quoted statistics which may or may not be correct, threats to politicians are up 3-4 times what they were a few years ago.

We should all keep in mind that this free-floating anger has to go somewhere and lawyers make a good target.  We are money hungry trial lawyers picking on poor doctors, we defend the obviously guilty and try to get them off with legal trickery, we regulate businesses to death, we tell people who they have to hire and who they cannot fire.  We take money from the mouths of the deserving just for fun.  If we win the case it’s because it was obviously right and we just ran up the bill.  If we lost the case it’s because we’re incompetent, not because the other person had a good point.  If we recommend settlement we’re cowards, if we don’t recommend settlement we just want to steal their hard-earned money and run up the bill.

So be careful out there.  Pay attention.  We lawyers are the obvious target for people in pain.

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