What’s next for my case?

Do you ever wonder why lawyers always look at the calendar?  It’s because you, the client, can lose your rights if you don’t move quickly enough.  That is called the “statute of limitations” and it kicks in to prevent old claims from going active.  Each state and each type of action is different.  Fraud claims expire after 1 period, contract claims a different period, defamation claims a third period.  And each state has it’s own deadlines.  So lawyers, especially when writing to a potential (or ex-)client will always tell you when your next deadline is.  Sometimes, though, we aren’t sure when the deadline is because we don’t know enough. That’s when we send a letter saying, in effect, I won’t represent you any longer but “you should immediately consult another attorney because you (may lose all your rights)(must file an appeal)(must file a lawsuit) by _______ or you will lose your rights.”  If you get a letter like this, do NOT waste any time.  You don’t have any time to waste. Find another attorney and consult with them about your next step immediately.

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