How do you prove you sent (and they received) a letter when they won’t sign for a Certified Letter?

Sometimes you have to send a Certified Letter to someone who refuses to sign for them.  Usually it’s to prove that you complied with the requirement that you make a “demand” to avoid litigation.  Well, there are several ways to do this:

a.                The first way is to send it by FedEx.  Very few people will refuse to sign for a FedEx envelope. And FedEx keeps excellent records that can be produced in Court as needed.

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b.                Another way is to send the letter Certified, Return Receipt Requested, and at the same time and from the same post office, send the identical letter with Delivery Confirmation.  Delivery Confirmation in where the Mail Carrier certifies that s/he delivered the letter to the stated address.  So if the letter with Delivery Confirmation does not come back, but the Certified, RRR, letter does, you still have proof you sent and they received the letter.

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