How Do You Know When To End A Relationship With Your Attorney?

Sometimes the attorney-client relationship just doesn’t work. It can be personality issues,
financial issues, control issues or almost any other issue. But what’s the best way to end the
relationship? This is especially true when you are in the middle of litigation.

Key warning signs that it won’t work for the attorney:

• shouting/screaming/whining or crying
• threatening not to pay
• refusing to pay
• threatening a bar complaint
• refusing to take the lawyer’s advice
• (if there are multiple clients) in-fighting among the clients
• not cooperating with the lawyer’s requests for information
• calling late at night or on weekends for “emergencies”
• constantly challenging the lawyer and/or acting like you don’t trust her.

Key warning signs that it won’t work for you, the client:

• lawyer doesn’t communicate with you
• you don’t trust the lawyer
• you don’t think the lawyer is doing the job correctly
• you don’t think the lawyer understands what you want done
• you think the lawyer is overcharging you

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