Crumbum Payback Time or If You Give a Client a Compassionate Hearing They Will Probably Hire your Firm

Using the right side of your brain, craft a story about what has happened to your client from her point of view. Then tell the story back to her this way to check that you understood what she told you. She will probably remember more stuff and add it in. She probably won’t wait for you to finish first. Be prepared. Have a notepad ready and write down what she says and tell her you will add it into your attorneys notes. She will feel respected, listened to and you will probably find that you have a new case.

Then talk with her using that strong analytical skill you have on the other side of your brain. Point out the weaknesses in her case, the paper work she will need to do to support you in your effort to prosecute or defend her. Tell her that her gathering documents together instead of having you do all the work will save her lots of money in the final bill. She will understand that.

After she has listened to your comments, then tell her that if she goes with your firm you will send her a note of the strategy that you just discussed with her and what she will need to do to hire you.

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